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Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives

September 2018 release

Changes that have been made to the source language of ELSST since the last release in September 2017 include the following:

  • 49 new concepts
  • 54 new Entry Terms
  • 39 relabelled Preferred Terms (for currency or ambiguity)
  • 164 changes to the Broader/Narrower Concepts
  • 22 new or changed Definitions
  • 55 deleted concepts

The translation of Preferred Terms for the following languages is 98-100% complete: Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Romanian, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish.

Since the previous release in September 2017 we have continued our restructuring work, focusing on the following hierarchies:


In each case, we tried to reduce the number of top terms (i.e. terms with no Broader Concept) and orphan terms (i.e. terms with no Broader or Narrower Concept), in order to make the thesaurus easier to browse. The removal of orphan terms will also make the thesaurus more SKOS-compliant.

We also reduced the number of polyhierarchies wherever possible (this work is ongoing), and applied the Related Concept constraint rule that forbids a Related Concept from being a Broader or Narrower Concept of the same concept or any other concept in the same hierarchy. Many concepts that were previously Related Concepts can now be found by expanding a concept’s Tree view.

Work on redistributing the information that was previously contained in Definitions into the new note fields (i.e.Definition, Definition Source, Scope note and History note) was completed for the source language. At the same time, ELSST and HASSET were brought closer into alignment by making their Definitions identical. Thus ELSST concepts that are shared with HASSET (identified as ‘core’ in the thesaurus), now share their Preferred Term label, Broader Concepts and Definition with HASSET.

The redistribution of Definitions into the new note fields in the target languages is still ongoing